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Logistical Workplace Management

The logistics pertaining to your IT form a complex whole that’s not easy to predict, especially if you depend on different parties for your hardware and software supply. You can save yourself lots of worry and expense by outsourcing your logistical workplace management to Centric.

You decide what to outsource. We can take charge of your logistical tasks, such as receipt, assembly, imaging and storage of your hardware. You can also outsource your equipment repairs to us. Plus, with our nationwide network you can count on on-site support from Centric, anytime and anywhere.

Our logistical process gives the highest priority to consistency and efficiency. Centric can manage a central supply for you, where we will set your PCs up to meet your particular needs. We can then provide efficient installation in your workstations and link the PCs to the network. Centric will ensure that your users are inconvenienced as little as possible in their daily work.