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ICT Management

The open character of our management method for office automation provides direct insight into Centric’s management performance. Thanks to our ICT management reports and trend analyses, we help you keep control of the costs and performance levels of management activities.

The initiatives that we take in that regard have a performance-enhancing and cost-reducing effect. We guarantee that the set-up and dependability of your office automation will receive the highest care. We take responsibility for the underlying infrastructure as well as the support of your users.

We offer many services both on location and remotely. Our ICT management is constructed of transparent modules that can be utilised separately.

The following services are available:

All subactivities are standardised, yielding ‘standardised customisation’. This results in short implementation procedures and helps you cut costs, both initially and structurally. 

Centric applies Activity Based Costing, whereby we calculate costs based on each subactivity. We register the content of all subactivities and standardise execution in terms of quality, processing time and working hours. This ABC method gives you insight into your cost structure. Centric offers transparency in its Service Level Agreements: the agreements are measurable, controllable and well-grounded for both parties.