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Flexible support

With hundreds of experienced IT professionals, Centric distinguishes ten main functions for varying competency levels. From trainees and Support Engineers to Project Managers and Business Consultants.

Our employees are available on a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent basis. This applies to: capacity shortages (Secondment ), knowledge and experience for your department (projects and services) and outsourcing options (see ICT Outsouring ), respectively.

Our Recruiters coordinate your needs and wishes with our IT professionals’ specialisations. The Recruiters then coach, encourage and motivate our IT professionals based on competency assessments and development actions that arise from these.  You are involved in the process, so that you have influence over the quality of the IT professional.

For long-term assignments, we offer the option to alternate between our IT professionals (job rotation). This approach makes it easy for us to find the IT professional best suited to your particular needs and wishes: consistent quality at a steady price, with motivated and qualified workers.

You can choose from the following support solutions: