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Database Services

Centric is an expert in database management and tuning. Our year-long practical experience and current knowledge guarantee quality services. We are gearing our entire policy to your management so that the service level meets your specific wishes and requirements.

We offer the following forms of expertise:

DBA consultancy

You can use our expertise for e.g. the installation, update, patching or migration of your Microsoft or Oracle environment. But we also like to share our expertise for organizing complex DBA architectures. In addition to this, we can advise you if you are having Oracle and Microsoft related technological and organizational problems.

Proactive Management plan / Remote Monitoring / Health checks

We manage your data bases according to a prearranged management plan. Thanks to our ‘Service Level Agreements’, you won’t be running into surprises.

Quick Scan

Do you make optimal use of the Oracle or Microsoft technology, or could your Database environment be made safer, faster and more reliable? Let our DBA team draw up a statement of your environment and receive answers to these questions.


Temporary deployment of our DBA employees or database consultants.

Flexible Support / DBA Subscription

The ideal transparent management solution for organizations that want to use external Oracle and Microsoft expertise in a flexible way.