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Software Asset Management

Organisations are becoming increasingly dependent upon software for optimal service provision. However, lack of a sufficient software policy often leads to problems and needlessly high costs. For example, organisations regularly pay for licences that are never used. Also, a deficient software policy often results in bottlenecks when performing migrations, such as the lack of installation media, an unknown number of applications, incorrect licensing forms and no appointed application administrators.

When you underestimate the importance of an adequate software policy during an IT project, this often leads to budget overruns and delays. That’s why it’s so important to effectively manage your software assets. With Software Asset Management from Centric you can cut costs and streamline processes while enhancing security and dependability. Software Asset Management comprises the complete infrastructure and processes that are necessary for efficient management, control and protection of software within your organisation and during all stages of the software life-cycle management.

Set-up of Software Asset Management starts with an analysis of the physical, financial and contractual characteristics of the software to be managed. In the process of researching points for improvement, the following subjects are examined: software registration, software policy, product management, contract management and licence management.