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2018 Centric Annual Report

Centric has published its digital public report for 2018. In 2018, Centric reaped the benefits of the strategy that the IT company started in 2015: focusing on core activities, the transition to the cloud and more intensive international cooperation have led to appealing projects and new domestic and foreign customers.


In 2018, important steps were taken again in the transition to the cloud and we are confident about the future. The revenue for 2018 amounts to 490 million euros, an increase of almost five percent compared to 2017). The EBIT result has decreased and amounts to 24 million euros (2017: 27.5 million euros). The result of the activities improved in 2018 compared to a year earlier.

Expansion of activities within focus areas  

In 2018 we further expanded our positions in the retail, financial and public sectors in line with our strategy. This reinforcement is important for our future, because Centric continuously invests in the development and innovation of products and services for customers in these markets at its own expense and risk. Sufficient market share and growth potential are needed to make this profitable. This was also the reason to hand over our software solutions for housing associations to a company whose core market is the housing sector in early 2019.

Services with more added value

In the area of infrastructure, we have taken our customers to new propositions: from secondment to managed services, from reselling and implementation partner of hardware to provider of cloud solutions: services where Centric offers even more added value. An important step in this transition was the sale of our reseller activities. The development of the share of recurring business has further increased, which is an important basis for the continuity that customers and employees of Centric are used to.

International growth

Internationally Centric focuses on the expansion of activities in the retail sector, staffing services and IT Outsourcing. In 2018, intensive international cooperation and growth in these focus areas led, among other things, to the start of services to the first outsourcing clients in Scandinavia and the opening of a new branch in Lithuania. The team in Lithuania works closely with the service desk teams in the other Centric countries to support customers who are internationally active. 

More background information about the developments at Centric? Please read the annual report.


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