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2017 Centric Annual Report

Centric has published its digital public report for 2017 and is pleased with the results. The year closed with sales totalling 468 million euros, a 4 percent rise on the figure for 2016. EBIT increased slightly to 27.5 million euros (2016: 26.5 million euros). The further shift of the core focus towards cloud propositions and long-term contracts, services in which Centric offers a lot of added value, is a positive trend.

Strategic focus and international growth

The strategic focus on the public sector and financial sector in the Netherlands and on the international supply chain is contributing to the stability and continuity of our company. The same applies to the intensive international collaboration and growth of our Staffing Services and IT Outsourcing activities.

Enhanced continuity through application management in the cloud

The wide-ranging expertise of our professionals and their commitment to seeing our customers succeed gives Centric a strong advantage over other companies. This combination is also helping us reinforce our propositions, including our hybrid cloud, which provides access to our own applications and our customers’ applications and their office environments. By managing customers’ business-critical infrastructure and applications in the cloud, we can guarantee optimum continuity and quality.

Customer stories

Besides presenting the fine results, the annual report looks back on Centric’s operations in the various industries in 2017 at length, while also looking ahead to 2018. The report furthermore contains several customer stories, like that of Peter Priester, board member for Bedrijfstakpensioenfonds Meubel, who talks about the transfer of the industry pension fund for the furniture industry and furnishing companies from Syntrus Achmea to Centric in September last year: “We expect that Centric will be better able to respond to future changes to the pension system, thanks to their focus on IT. We are looking forward to the innovation they will bring to pension administration.”

Jan Geert Bakker, Tax Director for the City of Amsterdam, talks about his positive experience with the go-live of the new tax system: “It gives me great joy to look back on the weekend before 6 November, when a strong Centric team worked shoulder to shoulder with my own highly motivated and capable colleagues to ensure the roll-out was a success. A very smooth operation indeed!”

Others who share their experiences with Centric over the last year include De Goudse, Casa, NetOnNet, DAF and Ziggo. Centric support desk agent Maureen also tells us how she is now happily helping customers thanks to the City of Gouda, the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) and Centric and their collaboration in the area of social return.

 Centric Annual Report 2017

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