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“Today knowledge is power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.” 

Testing Competence Center Environment 

Our colleagues from Centric IT Iasi show a great interest in the Testing Competence Center. This happens because people feel the need to take a break from the job routine in order to share knowledge, communicate, exchange project experiences, and grow together as a team. The environment is relaxed, we do many practical exercises which help in our career development.

More than 40 of our colleagues attend on a regular basis to our monthly conferences, thereby showing interest in the topics on the agenda and the quality of the information obtained here. Every lecture has something practical, the speaker talks from its experience from previous projects. We discover new things about new technologies which come in handy and ease our everyday work. The audience issues questions, receives answers, and, in the end, offers useful feedback to the speaker.

Previous subjects

  • Bug workflow and tools
  • Best practice in testing
  • Automation with Visual Studio
  • Automated tests using Selenium
  • Comparison between Jira, TFS and Vers
  • Configuring the workflow in TFS
  • Performance Testing using Visual Studio 

Participants experience

Our colleagues who gave speeches at the Testing Competence Center accumulated a lot of experience in terms of organizing a presentation. More than that, they have widened their knowledge on testing and besides the technical knowledge, they had the opportunity to grow and develop their soft-skills.

The audience was challenging and allowed them to self-improve by asking questions and offering feedback. The biggest problem was overcoming emotions, but by doing something they really like and by being encouraged in a friendly and professional community it wasn’t a problem anymore.

Future subjects

  • Automation testing
  • Security testing
  • Tools used in Load Testing