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“A man can learn only two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.”

Oracle Competence Center Environment

Oracle Competence Center is an informal conference which takes place in a relaxing environment and lasts one to two hours, attended by all those who are interested in the topics proposed by our colleagues.

Here, at Oracle Competence Center, our colleagues interact and debate about new tools, solutions for database administration or problems in development and ways to improve the code. The topics proposed here, in the Oracle Competence Center, are designed for everyone. Besides the speech, there are sessions of practical demonstrations, questions and answers and even suggestions from the audience.

Previous subjects

  • Best Features of Oracle PL/SQL
  • Writing efficient SQL queries
  • Visual SQL tuning and profiling with DB Optimizer for high performance and reliability
  • How a DBA sees its database 

Participants experience

One of our colleagues, gave a speech at the Oracle Competence Center on “How to write SQL phrases in order to quickly return results from large databases”. The technical information that he gathered was very useful both to him and to his audience, and also he has learned a lot in terms of preparing a presentation.

Besides the technical information gathered, his speech was a veritable public speaking exercise. His presentation was quite an interesting experience, the public being helpful by creating the right environment and offering the much needed feedback.

Future subjects

  • SQL dynamic
  • Oracle Application Express
  • New developments in PL/SQL
  • New technologies in PL/SQL