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“Work on the leading edge of knowledge”

The mobile field is expanding and there is a need for our employees to be in touch with latest technologies in use. Therefore, we created the Mobile Competence Center, a great environment where they can improve their knowledge and skills.

Mobile Competence Center environment

Competence Centers are great ways to share knowledge and experiences. During the Mobile Competence Center presentations, the atmosphere is very pleasant, relaxing, and the colleagues have friendly discussions on the subject.

People attending the presentations are actively involved, encouraging the speaker. Each presentation has a large audience. The colleagues who join the presentations discuss between them, both about the topic, and about new interesting subjects for the following meetings.

Previous subjects

  • Guidelines to Dev Chrome Tools
  • Sencha Touch 2
  • Secure client side storage
  • Apps presentation
  • SOAP Web services
  • JavaScript
  • Local SQLite database on iOS and Android devices 

Participants experience

Through Mobile Competence Center, you get to know better the projects, the different frameworks used, learn something new every day, verify your knowledge, and discover new ways to improve your work.

People learn how to overcome their emotions during the presentations, and also how to present in front of a large number of people. They become highly skilled in public speaking and they make very interesting presentations about the technologies that interest them the most.

During the Mobile Competence Center presentations, you have the opportunity to learn new things about different topics of interest from the field in which you work. You can ask questions if you need to clarify something or when you want to know more details.

Future subjects

  • Hybrid Apps
  • iOS & Android 
    Performance on mobile devices
  • Best practices for mobile apps
  • Security in mobile apps
  • Different tools and technologies in mobile and web
  • Choosing the right framework according to the project 

Each member who discovers something new on his area of interest and believes that it would be interesting for his colleagues, has the freedom to sustain a presentation on the Mobile Competence Center, and to share his knowledge with others.