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Due to the Microsoft development we started to organize Microsoft Competence Center, an environment in which we run periodic technical meetings designed to share best practices and knowledge. 

Microsoft Competence Center environment

During the Microsoft Competence Center presentations, the atmosphere is pleasant, relaxing, and every colleague has the occasion to learn more about the Microsoft field, new topics, challenges, tools and opportunities to develop in this area.

For the people working with Microsoft technologies, this Competence Center offers them the freedom to discover new subjects of interest and to present them to their colleagues, in order to improve knowledge sharing between them.

Each of the presentations has a large audience. The colleagues who join the presentations discuss between them, both about the topic, and about new interesting topics for the following meetings, offering feedback and support.

Previous subjects

  • JavaScript with jQuery
  • Windows Installer XML
  • Unit tests in SQL Server
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Expression Encoder 4
  • Chutzpah test runner 

Participants experience

On the Mobile Competence Center we discuss about the new information in the field and we want to improve more our knowledge by sharing experiences and discussing problems. The presentations within Microsoft Competence Center are more technical and more informative.

Here, at Centric, you can take the initiative and organize by yourself or with colleagues, a presentation on you topic of interest, and you can get a strong and constructive feedback, in order to improve yourself. Also, you can attend all presentations, you can make your opinion known by your colleagues, and you can share your related experience.

Microsoft Competence Center presentations offers the opportunity to improve the knowledge you gained, to share with others your practical experience, and to discuss about it with your colleagues. Also, you get to know each other more, you are encouraged to speak in public and to socialize with other colleagues. All this, in order to improve your professional performance and your personal knowledge.

Future subjects

  • DDD
  • Agile Principles in .NET
  • Clear Code
  • Code Refactoring
  • Design Patterns