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“Learning at Internet speed”

Nothing is more important than to acquire a large amount of knowledge, in a short time and a relaxing environment, side by side with passionate people. Therefore, we managed to develop a Competence Center focused on Java technology.

Java Competence Center environment

If we reduce the essence of Java Competence Center to one word, that word would be evolution. Java Competence Center is a complete environment in which you can accumulate and share with others your knowledge, opinions and ideas, without being judged, but being encouraged by your colleagues.

The atmosphere from Java Competence Center is very pleasing, full of people passionate about Java. During the Competence Center, people get together and hold well structured presentations about the topic of interest in this field. The presenters are professional people excited about a new subject on which they focus their attention.

All presentations are accompanied by practical examples that help our colleagues to understand the topics presented. Also, the presenters are open to questions and they offer great answers and information.

Previous subjects

  • The future of Java Development
  • Lambdas in Java
  • Default methods
  • Bulk data operations
  • iEHS – technology 

Participants experience

On Java Competence Center, there is an informal environment, in which people hold relaxed presentations, next to their colleagues and encouraged by them. The fact that they know each other, leads to a much more friendly atmosphere than in a formal presentation.

The meetings within Java Competence Center are very interesting, the presentations help colleagues decreasing their time to document on a specific topic, presenters are well prepared and, overall, presentations are very good and constructive ways to improve your knowledge. Presentations are made so that even a person who does not work with that programming language to understand them.

Future subjects 

  • Technologies used only on some projects
  • Lambda expressions
  • Java 8
  • ORM
  • Functional programming
  • Deployment for various servers.