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People create technology

Centric’s staffing policy aims to create an optimum balance between its employees’ professional and private lives. Everyone is welcome at Centric, and everyone is given the same opportunities. Centric would like even more female managers and directors. Centric was nominated for the 2009 LOF-prijs (Lucas-Ooms Foundation award) for its policy on working parents.

Centric thinks that employees who have are given the opportunity to be themselves make the best contributions. To a great extent, Centric’s core values guarantee a respectful, no-nonsense culture, where staff want to produce good results. Employees are encouraged to work on their development, and their achievements are valued more highly than certificates.

Centric wants to continue contributing towards the Dutch knowledge economy and has therefore explicitly decided not to transfer divisions to low-wage countries.
The organization should retain knowledge for as long as possible, and Centric makes every effort to allow employees to continue working after turning 65.

Suppliers are partners that Centric treats with respect. This is reflected in various areas of our policy, such as that which states that all invoices should be paid within the agreed term. And surveys among our suppliers have shown that this does actually happen in practice.
Transparency is a prerequisite for corporate social responsibility. Customers need to know where they stand with Centric. To this end, we have developed Melodies, which provide customers with an overview at the beginning of the automation process of the investments to be made over the subsequent five years, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises.