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StoreWorld Selfscan

Having to wait in a queue to finally pay for your purchases is the number one annoyance for consumers. Self-scanning solutions can remedy this problem.

This year, in cooperation with Re-Vision, Centric implemented a successful self-scanning project at Dirk van den Broek and DekaMarkt. Various pilot shops are equipped with the Re-Vision My-Scan self-scanning system in combination with Centric StoreWorld tills and Motorola hand scanners. The pilots were a big success right away. The self-scanning solution was introduced under the name ‘Scan Direct’. This solution allows consumers to scan product bar codes with a hand terminal on their own while shopping. It’s also possible to pay with a debit card at a checkout kiosk without the need for a cashier.

Advantages of self-scanning

An integrated self-scanning solution lets you:

  • increase customer service
  • stimulate impulse buys
  • lower the shop’s operating expenses
  • track customers’ buying habits
  • achieve interactive communication and customer-specific promotions via self-scanning hand terminals

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With StoreWorld Selfscan, Dirk and Dekamarkt aren’t killing two birds with one stone, they’re killing three.