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iTV.Desk lets you create a unique Customer Contact Centre. A customer can contact your employees at the Customer Contact Centre through a live connection in his own living room.

Your employee and your customer can see and talk to each other, browse websites together and share documents. The customer receives information and advice face-to-face through his computer.

How does iTV.Desk work? iTV.Desk is a new way for you to get in touch with your customer. A customer can go to the Customer Contact Centre through your website at any time. Your customer does not need to install any software and is able to personally contact the employee of his choice through a secure line. The basic idea is for the customer to communicate using a webcam and microphone. However, if the customer does not have these options then he can still chat with your employees. Your customer will still be able to see the employee on his screen. 

Advantages of iTV.Desk:

  • Direct online visual contact via a webcam
  • Extension of your business hours (can be used 24 hours a day)
  • Customers choose the time of contact that works best for them
  • It’s easy for employees to share documents with customers
  • Improvement of information provision and more accessible organisation
  • Eliminates time-consuming visits to ‘brick and mortar’ offices. With iTV.Desk you create a special Customer Contact Centre. Your customer makes contact with your employee in the Customer Contact Centre via a live connection from his living room.