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StoreWorld inPosition

InPosition lets sales staff enhance customer service by personally taking the customer through the sales process from A to Z: from providing product information to paying for or ordering an item.

More and more retailers are in need of additional customer service options on the sales floor. Traditional POS solutions often lack the flexibility that this requires, since the functionality of these systems is not available in the place where the sales employee needs it, i.e. where the customer is. StoreWorld inPosition does offer that flexibility, making it possible to handle all sales process scenarios in a personal manner and with no interruptions.

InPosition is for use on smart phones, tablets and touch screens, and can be integrated with central back-end solutions such as ERP, CRM, PIM and e-Commerce.


InPosition provides insight into product information, inventory, alternative or complementary products, and much more. With the aid of this information, sales staff no longer have any reason to turn customers away and are better equipped to create options for cross-selling and up-selling. InPosition also supports payments via Centric’s certified, wireless PIN connection, freeing the customer from long waits in the checkout queue. Customers can also place an order and indicate whether they want to pick the product up at the shop or have it delivered to their home.