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StoreWorld IntraStore

StoreWorld IntraStore is a user-friendly solution that enables you to quickly launch a professional, secure and sophisticated intranet platform. StoreWorld IntraStore can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure and your existing store management systems.

It’s a transparent application with terminology that has been fully adapted to your sector. Thanks to the low entry threshold, even the most inexperienced employees can quickly get the hang of this solution. This results in effortless, even pleasant communication.

StoreWorld IntraStore offers a wide array of functions that substantially improve the efficiency and productivity of the communication channels from, to and within your organisation. Thanks to this wealth of functionality, any retailer can have a true information platform and multimedia communication athis disposal.

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An overview of some of the functions within StoreWorld IntraStore:

  • all forms of messaging (rush messages, daily messages, weekly messages, text messages, ...);
  • scheduling module for meetings, reminders, tasks, delivery information;
  • module to post various planning charts online for the various locations;
  • module to (automatically) publish logistical information from the ERP or WMS for the various departments and locations;
  • possibility to visualise webshop orders for store locations, warehouse(s), purchasing department, logistics etc.;
  • detailed product and campaign information;
  • campaign orders, meaning the stores pre-order campaign products;
  • customer orders, ordering products for specific customers;
  • phone book with all contact information for the stores and the head office, suppliers, help desk, ...;
  • online manuals and procedures, with the option to search efficiently by keyword;
  • online forms and questionnaires to gather necessary information in a fast and structured manner and to make it available to the right people and departments;
  • linking to e-mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus, ...;
  • printing product shelf labels as A4/A3/... posters;
  • weather forecasts, today + 6 days ahead, based on location (postcode), which offers stores the possibility to determine how much staff to schedule, which products will sell best, how to adjust the selection of products etc.;
  • complete eLearning module for administrators as well as employees, with follow-up on various levels, generating content via the Studio, ... fully adapted to the worldwide ‘scorm’ standard;
  • closed shell round IE to prevent users from surfing to other websites;
  • available both as intranet and extranet;
  • own look and feel for your organisation so that it will be recognisable to your employees and quickly accepted by them.

StoreWorld IntraStore is a package that offers quick and easy implementation. The use of standard technology guarantees convenient integration with your information system. The content manager is provided with a comprehensive toolbox that makes it possible to publish and modify data fast, while still guaranteeing user-friendliness.

StoreWorld IntraStore is an intranet-based solution that simplifies and organises information streams between the head office and branch locations. This system provides access to current information with a single click of the mouse. It makes it easy to send and receive information online, 24 hours a day And you can decide who receives which information

Reduce your CO2 footprint with StoreWorld IntraStore from Centric

StoreWorld IntraStore also reduces your CO2 footprint and makes your company much greener. You can substantially reduce your paper use and consumption with StoreWorld IntraStore, meaning that you are able to move on to paperless communication.

Use of StoreWorld IntraStore eLearning/CBT for online training either at home or in the store also ensures that your staff don’t have to drive (multiple times) to different locations to be trained, which once again reduces CO2 emissions. A total package of benefits that make your company much greener than ever before.