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Centric iTV Solutions

Nowadays retailers give customers the option to contact the organisation by e-mail, phone or an online form. There’s also a chat function in some cases. With iTV.Desk you can give your customers personal and individual service. The employee and customer can talk to each other and see each other in real time. In addition to a chat function, documents and applications can also be shared, providing an enormous benefit to customers. This way customers get an immediate response to their questions.

Customers and employees can share and discuss brochures, catalogues… When a customer orders online and has a problem, he or she can ask the employee for a solution right away. All the customer has to do is go to your website, where they can click on a subject/employee, with no need to sign up or install any special software. Give your customer service a new dimension. Since the organisation quickly helps customers this way, the efficiency in the organisation is also increased.

Personal consultation for customers

Customers can contact an employee online via ITV.Desk. The employee and the customer are able to see each other, and the employee can give customised information and advice on certain products directly to the customer with both audio and video. Employees can also share and discuss images of products in real time, so customers will be persuaded more quickly. Then the customers can order online afterwards.

Human Resource

The retail sector constantly experiences a big employee turnover, keeping the HR department busy reading CVs and selecting the right people for the right job. In many situations, candidates are invited to a personal interview. Starting now, it’s possible to organise an online interview in order to perform an initial selection. Those candidates with interesting profiles can then be invited to a second interview at the office. This saves time for HR employees so they can spend it on the core business.