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Warehouse management: Locus WMS

Locus WMS is an innovative warehouse management system and is perfectly suited for medium to large enterprises in the retail, wholesale, production and 3PL sectors.

Features of Locus WMS  

Industry templates

Locus WMS is suitable for large and midsize companies, no matter how simple or complex the logistics. Depending on your business case, we can propose a course to follow using the new industry-specific, preset templates or a Locus which is completely customised to your logistical operation. Whatever you choose, we will provide you with the same standard package, which any user can upgrade to the latest version regardless of their particular set-up.

Locus Voice Direct

The Locus Voice Direct solution: a voice-operated solution that is fully integrated into Locus. Locus directly controls the voice terminals with no intervention from other software.

Modern look and feel

You will be surprised by the user-friendliness and modern look and feel of Locus WMS. Locus has a modern user interface, based on the latest Microsoft technology, like what is used for Office 2007, intuitive and smart.


Locus WMS is available in multiple languages, so that (future) international companies can use Locus to expand their current or future logistical aspirations.

Short ROI, low TCO

A modern and standard software package also requires competitive prices. Our licensing and SLA structure easily adapts to the size of your logistical operation. Options such as ASP via the Centric Hosting Centre and other investment models are also available. In any case, you can count on short Return On Investment (ROI) and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with Locus WMS.

3PL module

As a logistics service provider, you’re looking for a flexible and comprehensive WMS. A solution that supports, streamlines and optimises all your logistical and administrative processes. Locus WMS from Centric is supplemented by a 3PL module specifically for logistics service providers, with extra functionality to achieve a high level of service and efficient planning. With Locus WMS you can communicate better and ensure a clear distinction between your logistical tasks and your administrative processing.

The 3PL module offers functionality for:

  • Order management
  • EDI
  • Portal
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Carrier selection
  • SLA administration  
  • Quotes

Locus WMS is a highly advanced WMS system. a proven solution that – in combination with the 3PL module – supports the logistics service provider throughout the entire process. From order entry to invoicing.

The module offers support in the field of: 

Order entry: customer orders can be entered three different ways: manually, with EDI or via a portal.

Order planning: order management lets you plan up to eighty percent of standard orders fully automatically.

Order picking: Locus WMS is controlled by the 3PL module and Locus in turn links the activities back to the 3PL module. This actions are tracked in inventory management. With EDI or via a portal, the customer is always kept informed of current stock levels.

Carrier selection: the SLA management function registers agreements with your clients and partners. Carrier selection is performed based on the agreements you have with your shipping and courier partners.

Sending shipping orders: shipping orders can be sent automatically to a courier or your shipping partner’s TMS (transport management system).

Invoicing: invoices are prepared and sent based on the activities performed and the rates set in the registered SLAs. The 3PL module also offers a quoting function for quote requests that have not yet been recorded in an SLA. The quote which is given can later be converted into an order. Shipping partners’ incoming invoices are checked against the anticipated costs as recorded in the registered SLAs and the orders which have been submitted.


With the 3PL module in combination with Locus WMS:

  • you work more efficiently
  • you automate your administrative and logistical processes 
  • you get better insight into your company’s performance
  • you check both incoming and outgoing invoices
  • you and your clients have a clearer grasp of orders and inventory
  • you offer a higher level of service
  • you provide peace of mind both on the work floor and in the administrative department
  • you plan orders efficiently