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Every company has a different way of working, with its own unique features. Centric Building Solutions support the widest range of commercial, financial and logistical processes in an extremely flexible way.

However, your organisation is in a constant state of change and requires people who can quickly gain insight into different applications and learn the best possible way to use these applications to do their job efficiently, now and in the future. New employees need to be brought up to speed fast, and often independently. E-learning is the medium to best satisfy this requirement, providing specific documentation that can be transparently accessed.

Creation of e-learning materials is frequently time-consuming and a job for specialists. But not with the User Productivity Kit from Oracle – a flexible product portfolio that lets you quickly establish a platform for online help (performance support), electronic training and printable documentation.

The user can quickly learn how to perform certain actions. Thanks to the various modes, the user is able to learn step by step how to really work with the application. The different modes are: ‘See it’, ‘Try it’, ‘Know it’, ‘Do it’ and ‘Print it’