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Customer Relationship Management

CS Contact is an application for relationship management/CRM which is used in various sectors. However, CS Contact is perfectly suited to companies in the construction industry because this application emphasises management of all business relations and not just (potential) clients. Construction companies in particular sometimes have only a few clients but numerous business relations with (sub)contractors and suppliers.

CS Contact allows you to centrally manage contact information, thereby avoiding redundancy and corruption in your files. You immediately see which actions are still open for a certain relation, and which have been completed. You can link relevant documents to a contact’s information and generate letters, faxes or mailings through MS Word templates that you define. You can easily register contacts and record contacts that are yet to be realised, allocate them to an employee and synchronise them with MS Outlook and other applications.


  • Integration with other products from the CS suite: you register and manage your business relations in one place, but are able to use this data in all linked applications.
  • Import and export of data from and to Excel, integration with Arco DocRoom, MS Outlook and Lotus Groupwise.
  • Possible integration with your call centre: the correct information immediately appears on your screen whenever one of your business relations phones you.