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Remote Help Desk Services

Remote Help Desk Services make it possible for Centric to support you remotely, from our Customer Care Centre in Oostkamp. We can offer you support through a variety of formulas:
  • With Remote Help Desk Support we can provide you with support 24/7, ensuring a high solution ratio. 
  • With Stand-by Support, we can offer you support 24/7 during the hours that are less profitable for you.
  • With Overflow you can opt for additional assistance whenever your capacity doesn’t suffice. 
  • With Call Intake & Dispatch, we patch all your calls through to the appropriate person for handling.

The following applies to all types of support:

  • High quality of assistance, so users are helped in a friendly and satisfactory way.
  • Efficient set-up, you pay for the performance that we deliver.  
  • We offer all support in the following languages: English, French, Dutch and German.